I miss waking up in the morning with a nervous anticipation in my stomach, knowing you were on my schedule. 

I miss going to bed with the sense of fulfillment, the bruises, the tenderness in every hole. The taste of you, the smell of you, the feeling of beeing owned, by you…. 

I miss touching your chest, rubbing your shoulders, I miss giving you me.

I miss the soreness when sitting in my chair at work, beeing reminded for a few days, I miss the secret smile on my face, the slut showing her content and knowing nobody knows who she is, what she’s done. Hiding the bruises, with joy…. knowing they ment I was yours…

I miss chasing your approvment, I miss having it. I miss the feeling you gave, I miss feeling like you wouldn’t let anything or anyone break me or tear us apart. I miss feeling like in that room there was noone but us, nothing but us. I miss feeling like you took all my worries away for a little while. I miss feeling you…

Those days were my days…………………. 

Believe it or not I am regaining strength!

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