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I kneel before him, having one task today, to give him pleasure….


He has been kind and placed a pillow for my knees. As I sit there, wearing black stay ups, heavily maked up with mascara that is sure to be messsed up, brigth red lips, my hair braided, I smile inside, outside I am anxoiusly waiting.


He blindfolds me, I hear him taking his clothes of, he’s behind me, the bed is in front of me.


Chills go down my spine as a can smell his perfume, he leans down to kiss me, oh and how he kisses me. Demanding and deep before he stands in front of me. His cock hard, I cant wait to taste him, I open my mouth, but again he leans forward, he kisses me, pulls my hair and says -no hands! Understood?!


I nodd my head, and he stands hard before me again. I love the taste of him, I love pleasing him, and I do it well… And I thoroughly enjoy myself, there is nothing more rewarding than hearing his sighs of pleasure and his compliments.


He then sits down, my angle is better now, I can more easily swallow him to the root, I like licking his balls when his cock is deep down my throat.


He lies down on his back, orders me to sit on his face, while sucking his dick. Oh how his tounge gives me pleasure, but this is not for me.


My feet arched by the side of his head, he gives me the rimming of a lifetime, while I give him the pleasure he so has been loonging for!


I take him deep, I suck hard, my tounge does its job well, I lick his balls and returns the favour. Once I touch his cock with my hand and get reprimanded instantly.


I concetrate on giving him all my best and when he explodes inside me it is a reward to recieve his warm sperm running down my throat…..

when can we do it again?

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